Ending Sneaky Chef Week

We did manage to continue Sneaky Chef week through last Saturday.  I have to say the Sneaky Chocolate Breakfast Ice Cream was the HIT of the week.  It’s plain yogurt doctored up with cocoa and frozen bananas and even avocado (food processors come in handy here).  Trooper would see it as the ultimate adulteration of his favorite treat (plain “yo”) and Princess didn’t see the point in pureeing her “Abocados” as she likes the stuff.  So in the end the Breakfast ice cream wins because it looks like chocolate pudding and the kids licked the platter clean as it were…. and I could eat an avocado without gagging.

Sneaky Sliders and Steak Fries (oven baked) were on the menu one night–the fries being from an online source.  The sliders were ok…I doubled the recipe to accomodate our family and accidentally added too much ketchup, upon which event I decided to call them Mini Meatloaf burgers.  The kids ate these as well–and they had the Green puree mixed in (broccoli, peas, spinach).

The pizza wraps were good as well, although if I’d thought ahead a little more I would have had something else in them (topping wise).  As it was I added the sneaky Orange puree to the pizza sauce, put cheese on it and rolled it into a tortilla.  As my kids love tortillas, this was not a problem.

All in all, not a bad trial week.  I’m going to continue to use some of those breakfast recipes–the breakfast ice creams will be wonderful in the hot summer days ahead–and the puree ideas are good starters for Miss M’s baby food.  In the meantime I might just pick up the book Jill’s been reading.  It looks intriguing as well….

One thought on “Ending Sneaky Chef Week

  1. Fantastic!! What great ideas! I’m with Princess- plain abocadeos are the best ;)- ooh and I think I might try the yogurt one with swirls of a purée in it to make like a spiral of “vanilla and raspberry” or something 🙂 anyway, that sounds great for one of these sunny 90 degree days!! Thanks for the idea

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