{pretty, happy, funny, real}


Our Lady’s statue was placed in a new spot in our yard, just in time for the peonies!  I’d love to see a rosebush behind the statue…. Just thinking…..  We moved the statue because this little flowerbed, premade for us by previous owners, actually had flowers in it.  Unlike my attempts at flower-gardening around her previous spot.


My temporary yarn bowl!

And the sunshiney yellow washcloth-in-progress for my sister (a belated anniversary present, one she knows she’s going to get because I had her choose the yarn).  I never thought I’d use a yarn bowl, mainly because most of my knitting is done
“on the run,” but this candy dish (cleaned) fit the bill one day and I’ve been stashing my project in it ever since.


  While I was working at the kitchen counter, big sister gave Miss Munchkin a nearly empty bowl of applesauce.  Miss M loved it.


My real confession is that none of my bookshelves are exactly as I could wish them to be.  I have a nebulous plan for organizing them, and hope to spend part of my summer in that project.  However, some shelves desperately needed assistance before summer….


Luckily I had a guardian angel moment and remembered where I’d kept the plastic bins I nab at Target every August for moments like these…

There, I can breathe now.  The labeled bins are actually alphabetized, so the kids can look by title for their book (i.e. Hedgie Blasts Off is in the H-I bin).  The unlabeled ones are seasonal books (Autumn, Christmas, Spring) and then two bins of science/nature books, some early-readers, and the green John Deere book bin.

Of course, I still have to clean off the top of the shelf, but at least some margin of sanity is restored.

6 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. Haha my daughter loved Hedgie Blasts Off! Lovely statue. I wish I knew the name of the roses I have around my statue, they are goof proof.

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