Sneaky Chef Week Days 2-3

My week of attempting to use my Sneaky Chef cookbooks continues.  I admit I was most interested in trying out the breakfast items in her book, as I’m generally stuck in a rut with breakfasts.  We don’t usually eat breakfast cereal to keep the milk consumption steady at six gallons a week (!), and although in the winter we often eat oatmeal, in the long summer we don’t really feel like having the “warm hug in the tummy.”  So on Monday I made SC’s “Strawberry Vanilla Breakfast Cookies” (secret ingredient: strawberry puree) and yesterday morning I tried Cocoa Chocolate-Chip Pancakes (secret ingredients: Purple puree, or spinach and blueberries mixed. Evil mind trick moment.).

The cookies met with mixed reviews.  Overall pretty good, but as they were supposed to be like chewy granola, we want to try it again with a little honey.  The pancakes were very highly received.  I made a double batch and the kiddos snacked on them throughout the day.  And no, you couldn’t see or taste the spinach.  Yum!

And now for the other meals.

This macaroni and cheese is the base for a lot of puree trying.  Trooper eats this seven days a week, so there’s a lot of scope for trial here.  Would you guess that in the above pictured bowl rests not only macaroni & cheese but sweet potatoes, carrots, cauliflower and zucchini?

And what Trooper didn’t eat, the Tyrannosaurus did.  I wasn’t expecting that development.

The Orange Puree was a hit with the littlest member of the family as well, so three cheers for the Sneaky Chef!

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