Sneaky Chef Week Day 1

Perhaps you’ve heard of The Sneaky Chef?  She revolutionized the world of picky eaters a while ago by showing parents how to sneak pureed nutritional goodness into everyday foods.  As Trooper is King of Bland Viands, I own her cookbooks Vol 1 and Vol 2.  I usually stick with the purees for a while, but then I get lazy and forget and he gets to have his homemade mac & cheese (boxed mac is a junk food treat for him) without any “orange puree” added.  Fortunately, as I needed to get back in the habit for him, I now have an excellent motivator in the person of the Bittiest One in the Haus.

Miss Munchkin is now eagerly eating solids as often as she can get them.  With this milestone came the question I’ve now asked myself a sixth time: do I make my own baby food or just bow to the convenience of the grocery store variety?  Four times I bowed to convenience, although with Trooper I made my own baby food for him.  Now, I’m making it again.  I’m tired of shelling out the dough on those little tiny jars.

And when I’m not being lazy I like experimenting with things in the kitchen.  I’m crazy that way.

So, out came my trusty mini food-processor this weekend.  First I whipped up two quarts of strawberry-banana-mango puree for Miss Munchkin, and then finished up with the Strawberry Puree with The Sneaky Chef.  Taking out the time it took to make the baby food, I bet I was done with the Strawberry Puree in under five minutes.   I did the Purple Puree next.  Fifteen minutes or so, adding time for the spinach to boil and simmer.  So what, 20-25 minutes out of a Saturday to make these purees?  Clearly I need to kick myself for being lazy.  Figuratively, of course.

This week as I continue to puree some things for Miss Munchkin, I am determined to try a new recipe from the Sneaky Chef every day to see what works on my kiddos.  Today’s recipe was my treat; her “Chocolate Egg Cream,” which has neither eggs or cream.  It does call for chocolate syrup and I made some last night from this recipe, which is ONLY THE BEST!  Anyway, the Egg Cream was phenomenal and I am totally fobbing it off on my kids as an alternative milkshake.  After all, sneaking strawberry puree into something which already calls for chocolate syrup and milk isn’t that much of an evil mind trick.

But speaking of evil mind tricks … just wait until I get to the bean purees! 😉

One thought on “Sneaky Chef Week Day 1

  1. Haha awesome!! 🙂 keep up the sneaking!! and by the way, tonight as I was reading your book to G in bed (hoping it would go over her head and put her to sleep… Unsuccessful;)- she stated “this is the best book I’ve ever seen: I just love it- I love Joy and I think it’s a good story…” she continued to praise it and I thought I’d pass that along 🙂 we are both enjoying it immensely and I will be sad when the last 5% is over :)-

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