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We took off the last half of Easter Week to have a Spring Break Staycation.  Haus Meister took some vacation time and we stayed home (except for runs to the grocery store and hardware store, of course) and had a very relaxing time.  I almost didn’t want to take the break–wanted to plug right on toward finishing the school year (we have 3.5 weeks to go).  However, that was nonsense and I’m glad we took the time off.  I didn’t get as much knitting done as I hoped but I had high ambitions and got a set of “patriotic” washcloths finished–red, white, and blue–which are just needing me to sit down and photograph.  But lately I’m addicted to the quick instant camera in my pocket (also doubles as a phone), so ideally I’ll get to the big camera again soon…
Yesterday was my sister and brother-in-law’s 3rd Wedding Anniversary, so I thought I’d post the picture of Princess with her Aunt.  Princess was only about six months old at the time of the wedding.  My sister’s name means “princess” so I like to think of this as the Princesses Picture.
Dinosaur has a tractor buddy in his birthday-sharing sister.  Sunshine has been enjoying watching the All About John Deere series plus the John Deere Action series, and recently she noticed to her joy that we also have a plethora of John Deere books!!!!
Pantry raiding, anyone?  I keep forgetting about that bottle of gatorade!  It was put on the bulk shelf and obviously unless its in a giant sack, that’s the point of no return…unless the baby finds it…. 😉
Have time? Have garage? Build Boat!
Haus Meister is working on an Annapolis Wherry Tandem rowboat from Chesapeake Light Craft.  It’s a beauty even at this stage.  Boating’s in the blood on his side of the family.  When Haus Meister was a teenager, his dad restored a 1960s Chris Craft (oh, I do hope I got that right) that he found neglected near someone’s dock.  Fortunately, Haus Meister’s project will be finished about seven years sooner than his dad’s. 😉

5 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. My Littler LOVES to play in the pantry. He builds cities in there with cans and boxes and piles as much as he can into the crock pot. A little strange to me but he has a good time so who cares 🙂
    Have you seen the “I Love _____” series? They have a few on John Deere that we enjoy. And of course the majority of their DVDs – toy trains 🙂

  2. Well, with a name like “Fisher.”:) That part of last names has always fascinated me. It’s no wonder you get on so well together with names like Fisher and Ford.:)

  3. Kate–I think we got the JD Series from that same company, although we don’t have the toy train dvds. The JD ones are addicting enough around here! 😉 Their catalog arrived yesterday, actually, and Dino has been walking around the house with it. Too fun!

  4. Glad to see I am not the only one who was thinking NCIS. I envy you the pantry shelves. Though I am rather glad to see that even those do not deter little explorers. I have pictures of both my boys in nearly identical poses sitting on the floor in front of my pantry, amid a great mess of cheerios.

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