College Conversations

On one of our weekly errands we pass a stone sorting business (I can’t recall the exact title, but there’s always heavy equipment working to take stones to different landscaping venues).  Rascal says he wants to work there someday.  Some time ago I said he could after college, and he must have remembered this because yesterday after we passed the place he initiated the following conversation:

RASCAL: Mama, what does college do for you?  Does it tell you where to go [to work]?

ME: Nooo, honey.  Not really.  It doesn’t usually tell you.  You find out what you want to do with your life by asking God for guidance and finding things that go along with your interests.  Like Daddy–he wanted to be an engineer and work on robots (the laymen’s terms we use to talk to the kids about their Dad’s job).  So he went to college and took special engineering courses.  You could do that too if you wanted to work with Daddy (his goal yesterday).

RASCAL: I wanna be a rock-pounder!!!

ME: Okaaay, so I guess you could take construction classes.

PRINCESS: (chiming in) I wanna take PWINCESS classes!!!

…..and that effectively derailed the discussion.

2 thoughts on “College Conversations

  1. That’s great! Too funny!! And pwincess classes sound good to me 🙂
    yesterday G and her father had a conversation like this: him: girls can do any kind of job- you could run a business, be a doctor, an accountant, a lawyer, a professor… G (with look of joy and amazement): you mean girls can be roofers?! Ha!
    Then today she talked about “hunting people” (looking for people underground) which, upon further questioningfrom yours truely, translates to a new (to her) profession of grave digging… Heh-heh

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