{pretty, happy, funny, real}

Capturing Contentment in the Everyday…

We haven’t been idle around here, although the blog has been silent lately.  We’ve been outside!  The weather is fantastic!  Also, I’m furiously knitting a lovely set of dishcloths for a girl I once babysat every Saturday for five years–oh, about fifteen years ago.  She’s getting married at the end of April, and I would like to send it to her before then!  Before going on with this week’s {p.h.f.r}, I want to thank all of you again who left such kind and encouraging comments on last week’s post.

Thank you.


The girls now have their pink room, and we re-hung the Tasha Tudor print over their beds again.


On April 3rd we celebrate Trooper’s 8th Anniversary of NICU Graduation, or the Day We were Launched Into Parenting.  119 days of him being in the hospital and a nurse on hand to answer every question, and then all of a sudden it was home with just the three of us.  I’ve never been more elated and nervous at the same time.

But hey, we all made it!  And look at him now — he’s our big guy playing Angry Birds Space and eating bread in his inimitable manner.


Well, she is funny.  What she thinks she’s doing in the LEGO box is something I can’t figure out.

Real Funny

Ok, if he doesn’t become a farmer, he’s going to run away and join the circus.  I haven’t figured this out yet either.


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