Paint pots and Princesses

Now that winter seems to have ultimately passed on (my dogwood is blooming!), Haus Meister and I have begun the Master List of things we’d like to accomplish this season through the summer.  While we’re trying not to be ambitious about gardening (a very hard to keep resolution), we’re hoping to get more things done inside the house to continue to make it more fully our home.  While our thoughts tended more toward tearing up the white carpet upstairs, the resident Princess added another project to the mix.

“I need a pink room,” she announced.

Painting the girls’ room was a priority as 1) Sunshine had liberally drawn on a wall or three in pencil and 2) the previous owners had covered everything in a gray-beige color.  Trim, closets, walls, you’ve got it.  So as the menfolk browsed the flooring samples, we ladies hit the paint swatches.  Out of sixteen we narrowed the choices to three.

Ballet Slipper

Ballet Slipper

Pink Taffy

Fairytale Pink

Last night I began to put up the sample of the Fairytale Pink, and got so paint-happy covering up all those pencil marks that I used the whole sample jar!  Princess was so excited she danced and twirled and jumped all over the bed.  Haus Meister, upon coming home from Scouts with Rascal and tagalong Dino, merely smiled and said to me through clenched teeth: “It’s very….pink.”

And yes…um…it is.

Meanwhile a debate raged in the boys’ room.  If the girls get a new color, the boys want one, too (although their room was a nice cream).  Rascal wants dark blue for a “Scout Room.”  Dino insists upon “John Deere Green.”

And so it begins.

4 thoughts on “Paint pots and Princesses

  1. Ah, the joys of parenting. Does this bring back memories. Although I did draw line ‘no pink’. I do like ‘Ballet Slipper’ though. Hmmm, blue wall with John Deere wall stickees might satisfy the young scouts/farmer?

    Anything else I can to do help let me know. 🙂

    Love, Mom/Grandma Rie

  2. Fairy tale pink!! Ha! How perfect can you get?! …now for the boys’ room, maybe you can do half blue and half green :)- although, I’m with the John Deere boy on this one- green is far superior 😀

  3. Personally, I like the ballet slipper…

    How about yellow for the boys. There’s yellow in the cub scouts uniform and yellow on the John Deere emblem… Just a thought. 😉

  4. Hmm…it’s a thought… of course, there’s the problem of getting just the right yellow. I had a bad experience trying to make my laundry room in the Old Haus a cheery sunshine yellow.

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