Have you been slimed?

Today I stopped by the farmer’s market to pick up some pork sausage (best EVER) and ground beef from our local farmer.

“Well, ma’am,” he says, “I’m all out of ground beef.  First time since I’ve been in business!”

As I exclaimed my disbelief he continued that a news program has (unbeknownst to him) been out saying that “pink slime” or beef by-products has been added to  lot of supermarket beef.  To avoid eating this stuff, the report urged people to buy from local grass-fed beef retailers.

“I’ve been cleaned out just this week,” he added.  “They came by my place and they’ve come here.  I just thought lots of folks was eating soups or chili this week!”

And the prognosis for my next batch of chili?

“I’ve got one going to processing on Thursday, so it’ll be three Saturdays before I’m stocked again!”

That’s if the locals don’t get to his farm first! 😉

“Pink Slime in your Beef?”

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