{Handsome, Happy, Funny, Real}

Capturing Contentment in the Everyday…

This week’s {p,h,f,r} comes from the camera on my phone, so aren’t all from this week but definitely from the past month.


Trooper was able to go to a Cub Scout event–the Pinebox Derby Race!  We bought him his first uniform in honor of the occasion (but it came too late for me to sew the patches on!).  Trooper enjoyed the races, and so did the rest of the Pack.  Rascal’s over-stickered car jumped the track and lost a wheel, and given that Rascal was sure he would win, he took it very well.  He has spent the rest of the week designing next year’s car.  If I can find the one he drew that looks like an alligator, I’ll post it.



Springtime beckons to all.



What, your toothbrushes aren’t guarded by a Tyrannosaur?


We get our meat from a local grass-fed beef business that comes year-round to our farmer’s market location.  Often we’ll buy these inexpensive beef ribs that we’ll boil down for broth and after Haus Meister separates the fat from the beef, we save the meat for tacos or tamales or stew and give the bones to the corgis.  When the corgis finished the bones, Rascal decided to have a little fun and soon called us outside to find the “dinosaur” he discovered out back.

I love imagination at work.

10 thoughts on “{Handsome, Happy, Funny, Real}

  1. We are so proud of our young scout. Love the little escape artist and especially loved the future paleontologist.

    Love, Grandma Rie

  2. I laughed at your T Rex! Of course our toothbrushes are also guarded – by the exact same dinosaur, thank you very much! And that Lego man had it coming.

  3. Huzzah for Schleich dinosaurs! We have the Stego as well, but he couldn’t be bothered to help.

  4. Ironically I didn’t even notice the LEGO man until I uploaded the picture this morning. It’s supposed to be a Lego WALL*E. Note the head.

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