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Capturing Contentment in the Everyday…


“I have just learnt to love a hyacinth.” — Catherine Morland, Northanger Abbey

(“And how might you learn?  By accident or argument?” — Henry Tilney’s response)

The white daisies are still from St. Valentine’s Day, and the yellow from Rascal’s Blue & Gold Banquet this past week.  They are quite cheerful, especially yesterday when it was raining and over half the Haus down with some form of cold.


One shoe on, one shoe off.


Forget the Sword in the Stone: Sir Reginald attempts the greater challenge — to draw the Sword from the Biscuit.

(Ok, so I overcooked some dinner rolls the other day, and instead of eating them the kiddos decide to play with them.  This is why I don’t attempt homemade dinner rolls that often.)


The tiniest sliver of crayon on the floor–she strikes.  The pencil dropped by a brother as he goes to put away his school book–she strikes.  ANY writing implement accidentally left within two feet of the ground–she strikes.  Now if only her artistic talent matched Rapunzel in Tangled, it would be one thing.  But it doesn’t, and we’re faced with the daily task of making sure we leave nothing in her reach–very hard when there are creative big brothers and sisters who want to color, and who will be so absorbed that they don’t notice the chubby little hand sneaking the crayon from the crayon cup next to them (and she is sneaky, believe me).  So, it’s either scrub the walls down as we can and paint over the wretchedly indelible pencil scribbles… or postpone anything that has to do with pencils or crayons until she’s five.

Maybe we’ll get those wax tablets the Sheik is using in Ben-Hur?

10 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. I always wanted a wax tablet like that! Why did they ever go out? Or maybe I just wanted to press a ring into like Messala.;)

  2. Our walls are constantly covered in doodles as well. Thankfully for us that’s why a friend gave us half a can of primer (but we’re waiting to cover it all when we move.)
    Your flowers are lovely!

  3. Good luck on the move! We had to cover walls in our old house too, last year. This toddler is just a bit more artistic than everyone before her.

  4. “like Messala”

    Thanks for my laugh of the morning. Ah, I need to watch Ben-Hur again. It was my family’s Lenten movie.

  5. I’ve heard that WD-40 will get crayon off any surface… I’ve not had a chance to test it myself yet, but I just thought I’d pass along the tip!

  6. Thanks for the tip. We do use strictly washable crayons while this phase lasts, so that’s easy. Unforunately #2 pencil lead is NOT washable. A baking soda paste will work on occasion, but our walls require a gallon of the stuff.

  7. Mr Clean erasers work well too! I have one who is crazy about coloring his hand with marker and then running off – I have to tackle him before he gets to the furniture!

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