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Capturing Contentment in the Everyday…


View from the crow’s nest on a balmy early Spring afternoon.


Baby gets an airing, same location as above picture, same day.


Meanwhile, down below, mud pies abound.  Children are washable–Huzzah!


A couple of weeks ago I registered with the Royal Mail Service of the United Kingdom to procure this:

It’s the First Day Cover stamps for Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee for Non-UK Addresses.  I was also shocked that less packaging went into shipping this envelope and accompanying letter across the Pond than typically goes into our USPS shipping me a book or two of stamps from the continental United States.  But I digress….

Now of course it only takes less than five minutes of your time to set up an online account with the Royal Mail.  Nonetheless I was incredibly giddy about it, not that the Royal Mail gives two pence who I am or anything, but blast it–I was going to get mail from ENGLAND!

Since posting, I’ve been asked where to get the stamps.   You can find them here: http://www.royalmail.com/node/5651771

7 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. I’m starting to suspect if ever you two do go to England it won’t be long before you all live there. Though you might have to change Haus Frau and Haus Meister to “Old Thing”. 🙂

  2. My brother and his wife took a trip to England for their first anniversary. I was a little bit jealous, I confess. And wow, kids outside without coats and hats! We’re not quite there yet here in the great white north. But it did almost make it to 50 the last couple of days.

  3. For their FIRST anniversary?! I’m a little bit jealous, too. 😉

    Some of the kids were in shorts today. Craziness!

  4. Yeah, their *first* anniversary! It’s amazing the money a guy can save when he’s a frugal, single engineer for a few years! Pretty sweet. 🙂

    Wow, kids in shorts! Hooray for spring! We had crazy high winds here today that made indoor activities a must.

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