February Snow

Today we had flurries!  This is the single largest snowfall this year (obviously) but also for the season–it flurried all day.  Of course, it did nothing more than accumulate in the woodlines of the deck, but still, it was something. It was a reminder that yes, it is still winter.  Yes, you can light the woodstove for warmth again.  Yes, there’s no reason to go out in that blustery wind (unless of course you’re two weeks behind in going to the recycling center, but I digress).  Stay in (when you get back), cozy down.  Eat popcorn and apples.  Read books.  Knit.

Listen.  Listen to the children running around acting out their own imaginary world.  Listen to Sunshine ask for more “Choo-choo” (she’s caught the Thomas the Tank Engine Bug now).  Listen to Trooper laughing.  Listen to Miss Munchkin practicing her raspberrying.  Listen to Haus Meister cooking dinner in the wok.

Enjoy the haven that is home.


2 thoughts on “February Snow

  1. Yes, isn’t winter wonderful for days like this. Enjoy it while you can and keep up the knitting – I’m waiting for my sweater. 🙂

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