{pretty, happy, funny, real}

Capturing Contentment in the Everyday…


This is the lamp in my bedroom.


This week we made Valentine decorations.  They are very basic: construction paper hearts decorated with Melissa & Doug stickers.  The children spent a happy hour putting these together and we taped them up in the foyer.  It had been looking quite bare since I finally decided to take down all the Christmas cards on Candlemas Day.

(happy baby peeking over brother’s shoulder)

Ironically I don’t have a picture of the foyer yet, but expect it on Tuesday next.

I made some “John Deere Green” hearts on purpose to get this fellow interested in decorating.  Hearts and flowers aren’t exactly his thing.


What happens when the football cake falls out of the cart in the parking lot of the grocery store:

Dessert was early that day.  The kids didn’t mind the slightly smooshed appearance.  Chocolate is, after all, still chocolate.


Science + Homeschool = Potatoes growing on top of your refrigerator on purpose.

Add a carrot, a jar of radishes-in-potential and three snap pea vines bent on world domination and there you have it.  One pea vine would have been longer had it not been untimely pruned by the refrigerator door.


Rascal’s drawing of our family.

L to R: Princess, Rascal (his smile is crooked because he says he’s “anxious” as someone has “just asked me something and I hadn’t thought of an answer), Haus Meister, Jacob (this was totally his idea, too.  I was so touched), me (“I’m giving you a princess dress, Mama”) holding Miss Munchkin (“her hand is out to grab the spoon”), Trooper, Sunshine (“she’s dressed like a bee”), Dinosaur, and a dog.

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