Sports? What Sports?

This afternoon Grandpa and Grandma sent the boys a picture of the Childrens Museum of Indianapolis’ dinosaurs with their “Super Scarves” on in celebration of Super Bowl XLVI.  They were able to see (and appreciate the humor in) the following conversation thanks to the wonders of Skype.

DINOSAUR:  It’s the dinysaur cracked out of the building at the new-zee-um Grandma takes us to!

ME: And see look boys, they’re wearing blue and white scarves because those are the colors in the Indianapolis football team.  Today, in Grandpa & Grandma’s big city, the biggest football game in the season is going to be played!


ME: Um, because it is.

DINOSAUR: Oh yeah, we’re going to play BASEBALL in Grandma’s Big City!

Ok, so Sports comprehension isn’t the greatest around here.  We’d better brush up quite a bit before the Olympics.

2 thoughts on “Sports? What Sports?

  1. LOL!!! Too funny. I agree- could not care less about football. Blah. Now, baseball, thats better 🙂 For the first time ever the Super Bowl could be streamed for free, so we watched a few minutes online this evening before bedtime… The five year old’s response: “when are there going to be more commercials? They are soooo much better than the game. It is boring!” so true! And the two year old: “play the dog video again!!”
    Words of wisdom from the mouths of babes ;)-

  2. Mentioning baseball over football? You are raising wonderful, American children. Now, if they mention soccer, make sure you set up an exorcism appointment with your priest! ; )

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