When Tolkien meets knitting (or in other words, I’m a total geek)

Last night, around this time as a matter of fact, I was rocking Miss Munchkin and trying to find something to do–why, browse crafting blogs of course!  So I thought of a few I hadn’t visited in a while, sipped my cocoa and ruined for myself the first new project I came across.  I took one look at this and thought:


Seriously, that baby in there is adorable and while I do love babies and that green yarn and leaves for that matter, the lembas bread association is just too much.  I might have to forego this project as a blanket, but might do it if I want to knit a huge leaf.

For those unacquainted with The Fellowship of the Ring, lembas is the Elvish waybread that they made to sustain them on long travels and they wrapped them in a leaf because Elves do that sort of thing….


Ok. now that I’ve proven my weirdness to all and sundry, as a penance for poking fun at a highly respectable knitting site (to whom I am much indebted for Sunshine’s hay bales) I promise to make something pretty with their yarn before the year is out.  Probably this yarn, and probably for Princess.  It has her name all over it. 😉

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