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Capturing Contentment in the Everyday…

My camera battery is back and charged!  Huzzah!


I made these dishcloths for my mom for her birthday.  This proves you are never past the stage of getting awkwardly handmade gifts from your children.

Note the elegant placement on rustic background.  I spend too much time browsing Etsy.


Miss Munchkin had her first taste of solid food!  I know she’s still two weeks shy of the 6month mark, but when she’s that close, and she tries to grab your food and drink out of your hands while you eat, I’m lenient about starting solids.  She proved as avid a first-time eater as Sunshine.  Neither girl spat out their first feeding.  In fact, Miss Munchkin tried desperately to grab the spoon from Haus Meister’s hand!

"High time you guys let me eat with you!"

"Really, I've been feeling left out."

"Perhaps, dearest Daddy, you could please release your hold on my right hand so I may try to feed myself?"

And the pencil marks on the kitchen wall serve as part of the Real, this week.  Any week.  Every week.  Until we have time to paint, right? 😉


These three come up with the funniest adventures.  I think they started out playing shepherds.  Oh, and the kid in the jammies?  He’s technically dressed for the day.  I reminded him to get dressed, and he came out wearing his brother’s jammies.  I guess in his mind the fact that he changed into something new counted.  Sigh–another bit of Real creeping in. 😉


I have a craft nook again!  I have been longing for one ever since reading this post by Meg McElwee, who uses Mason Jars (one of my essential life tools) to organize her needles.  I hadn’t even begun knitting again when I read that, and already knew I had to do something of the same whenever I did.  And–gulp–the yarn stacked up so prettily?  It was a dream!  But not without alloy, for there was a definite reason why I couldn’t just go out to Lowes and get some shelving and have that recreated in my house that weekend.  The shelves were open.   I needed doors.  So, I waited.  And forgot.  And remembered again, and told Haus Meister I wanted a cabinet for my birthday.

Whenever we go to buy a new piece of furniture (excepting bookcases & beds), we go to a little antique store/warehouse back on the side of town where we used to live.  I’ve written about it before (see #3 here) and we’re still as loyal a set of customers as ever. We don’t buy bookcases there for the simple reason that they don’t ever have any when we need them.  I guess the Brits and Welsh hang onto their bookshelves when they ditch the dated curios. 😉  We’ve become accustomed to acquiring things that aren’t exactly the latest style.  When we married, we began life with an apartment furnished in Early Garage Sale style.  At least we coordinate a bit better, with um…mid-20thcentury..British style now. ;)-  The armchairs (and matching sofa) were purchased at the same place.  They are a nice dark taupe with burgundy flowers.  Or ok, just call it brown, all right?  We need brown around here.  It fits in with our maxim, added on to the famous saying of William Morris:

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful, or that minds being jumped on by children and chewed on by dogs.

This fun new oldie came with a pair of skeleton keys to unlock the doors, and I overheard the saleslady tell the store owner that I was the first person she’d seen that was able to open the middle compartment.  Clearly, it was meant for me and my yarn.  Oh, and my fabric, for here comes the Real Disclosure:

Firstly, those little copper jelly mold thingies are full of lavender and I’m keeping them inside the doors until I’m sure the storage smell is entirely gone.  Or until I stop being lazy and remind myself to remove them (either one).  Now for the left side: Top shelf = Christmas fabric.  I probably do not need to buy any more of that anytime soon.  2nd shelf = fabric earmarked for cloth napkin making.  3rd shelf = scrap fabric for boy projects.  4th shelf = scrap fabric for girl projects.  The middle compartment is simple: needles and knitting notions on the top shelf, as well as a beeswax Father Christmas who needed a home out of sun and away from heat.  The rest is obviously yarn.  Right side: Top shelf = ribbons, notions, some leftover cross-stitch stuff.  2nd shelf = Stuff I Need to Do By The End of This Summer.  3rd shelf = yardage.  4th shelf = yardage.   The Christmas Tree coaster at the base of the cabinet has nothing whatsoever to do with the cabinet itself.

Best of all, I cleared off a major shelf in Haus Meister’s garage by moving the fabric back upstairs.  That makes us both happy.  I still have some things to move in the spare room closet, but this is pretty much how it is going to be until I drag the sewing machine back out.  I hope then to clear out some space.  We’ll see, though, as fabric stashes never really die….


3 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. This made me laugh, especially the part about the awkwardly homemade Christmas gift for your mother – I did a bit of that this year!

    Congratulations on your new cabinet/crafty corner. That’s a great feeling! I’ve been trying to get mine into shape so I can blog about it, too!

  2. The washcloths will be just as effective as more perfect ones! I’m thinking I’d like to make some at some point.
    The jars for the needles is an interesting idea – I have lots of those jars!

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