Music on a Winter’s Night

Ok, the title of tonight’s post is more poetic than this post is going to be.

I seriously dislike when I’m reading a blog and suddenly some music comes out of nowhere, startling me out of my reading and forcing me to quickly hit the mute button because of course my blog reading time is when I’m rocking a baby, or when the kids are all asleep and the house is SO QUIET.  Nor is it that the music is offensive or anything, but it’s just the shock of sudden sound when you’re rather enjoying the peace or keeping an ear out for noises of a different nature.

Tonight I had an agreeable surprise.  Happening onto someone else’s blog (clicking from the sidebar from another blog’s sidebar from another blog’s sidebar, you know how it goes), I was pleased as punch that this discerning individual chose the theme from North & South!  Ha!  Only my favorite movie!

There was one problem however.  As the music continued to play, I couldn’t read the excellent post she no doubt spent a good deal of time creating.  Instead I mentally replayed a previous conversation my Dad and I had about this movie…  And warning, you’re only going to understand the rest of this post if you have seen the movie.  Don’t let this post deter you from watching it!

DAD: John Thornton never stops storming around in this movie.  Seriously, watch him next time.  he’s even stomping through the scenery when he is supposed to be on vacation!

And then my favorite:

DAD: Did you know 13 people DIE in this movie?  I even counted that coffin in the street that Thornton storms past at the beginning of Part 3.

Of course, by this time the music has stopped playing on the blog’s playlist so I restarted the theme song and tried again to read the post.  No good.  This time my own observations intervened.

Mr. Bell is an English teacher.  He has to be…..

“You don’t need Henry to explain.”

I love Margaret’s dress in the final scenes.

I love the scene when Thornton goes to offer Higgins the job.

I am so not going to be able to read this post with this music playing.

So anyway, I’m still not a fan of music on blogs. 😉

3 thoughts on “Music on a Winter’s Night

  1. You’re in cahoots with my wife. This past week she has twice mentioned I should watch the movie. But I giver her credit for trying to get me to watch somethine other than Jane Austen.

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