My new niche

I have been knitting constantly ever since Christmas.  There’s always a project on my dresser; and in my incurable optimism I have about 40 other projects on my Ravelry queue–some that include items with stitches and instructions that I haven’t even learned yet (but will, by golly!).  My birthday presents from my little family almost entirely had to do with knitting (except the addition to the button collection, selected by Princess while we scrolled Etsy and of course are almost all pink).

Then today Haus Meister returned from an extended business trip to someplace in the Frozen North with another birthday present in tow–eleven skeins of lovely yarn and a gorgeous pattern for a shawl.  And another skein in another color to make him a hat.  There was a yarn shoppe in the area; something we rarely see in this region because, well… its 60 degrees down here and we have daffodils blooming right now (no joke).

I guess that makes knitting the silliest hobby I could have right now.  Then again, it makes me happy and content.   And although my yarn stash threatens to invade similar to my fabric stash, it may not be such a bad thing after all.

4 thoughts on “My new niche

  1. There are yarns for all seasons! I keep a project in my car to knit/crochet while waiting for the light to change, drive throughs, etc. Nick and I went to a movie today and I completed about 6″ of a simple ribbed scarf. I applaud your intentions! 😎

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