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Capturing Contentment in the Everyday…


One of our number got to see some snow recently.  The rest of us who are cognizant of snow’s existence are jealous.


I finished the haybales in time for the birthday celebrations!   I got the pattern out of this book.

Unfortunately I didn’t have any size 15 needles at the time so I did the best I could with size 11, the largest I had on hand.  It turned out perfect to create the haybales for the barn, and it turned out, a new John Deere.


I reprised the Gator Cake. Haunted by the melting icing in our previous experience, I made some from a box and of course, ran out of icing.   My sister, present for the occasion, called my mom who was already at the store picking up the trash bags that I had forgotten earlier.  And on the subject of being forgetful, I forgot that there are only four wheels on a standard John Deere gator.  This must be an extended edition or something. 😉  Oh, and who turned 3 or 1?  No one–put the two numbers together and you’ll see that my birthday recently came and went!  The gator cake was the cake for the big birthday bash for me and the darlings who both came so close to sharing the day with me.  I threw some people for a momentary loop by putting the numeral candles for Dino and Sunshine on the back–they kept asking who was turning 52.


I wanted Sunshine to have a paddock/corral/stable thingy for her Schleich horses (dominating the barn).  I decided to be frugal and use the a “Melissa & Doug” wooden crate that used to hold play food until we started storing all that in one basket.  Then I took the side off a box of clementines and, turning it over, made the roof.  I also had some leftover Nativity scene “grass” for the flooring.  As I’m not very handy with wood, I enlisted my father-in-law’s help to make it look presentable (Haus Meister being swamped with work last week).  He did an amazing job–better than I ever could have with wood glue and spray paint!

(sorry about the bright light there)

Have a great weekend, everyone!

9 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. Well, I’d been hanging on to that “Melissa & Doug” crate for quite a while–maybe even 2 years–thinking that there HAD to be another use for it. The clementine box roof was just a Guardian Angel moment.

  2. The stable looks great. I love that you have a Lego man on the cake. Reminds me of the little Lego scenarios I find all over my house these days. It’s hard to get upset with the kids for leaving toys out when you see a group of Lego figures trying to scale the kitchen cabinets.

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