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Pretty/Handsome, Funny & Real

Five years ago today, a baby boy came into our lives.  The Dinosaur had arrived and with his coming we knew we were officially outnumbered, shorthanded, outmaneuvered, and overjoyed that it was so.

He was our largest baby to date at 8lbs 10oz.

My favorite picture of my guys, even now.

In the past five years, Dinosaur has helped introduce and yea, even cement “John Deere” as a family name.  If this boy doesn’t own a tractor someday, I’ll eat my figurative hat.  Of course, our ideal is that he owns a working farm and lets us live in a cabin on the back 40 during our retirement years, but he doesn’t know that yet. 😉   Oh, did I say cabin?  I meant cottage, son.  Preferably with indoor plumbing.  I just thought I’d get that straight.  Anyway….

Incidentally, he received one of his gifts last night.  It was time to change the sheets anyway, and I figured why put on something tonight only to have to switch it tomorrow?  Call it laziness or genius, if you choose.  In any case, I have never in my life seen anyone so excited about sheets.

"It's my combine 'harbestbister' pillow, Mommy!"

Happy Birthday to “The John Deere Green Baby Dinosaur” (one of his alter-egos).  We love you, our big 5 yr old son!

But wait, this day is not his alone!  Remember this post?

Yes, also on this day 2 years ago, a daughter arrived!

Sunshine was born!  And she still holds the champion birth weight of 9lbs 11oz.  It wouldn’t be a stretch to guess she weighs as much now as her birthday sharing brother, either.

She was born while I endured a rather nasty stomach flu that proceeded to go through the family.  She was born the day the huge earthquake rocked Haiti,  and baptized the day after a snowstorm shut down most of our town.

“She’s going to be Trouble,” quoth the relatives.

Chagrined at the aspersions cast against my innocent newborn daughter, I looked at the baby and thought to myself, paraphrasing Galadriel, “No, she’ll be a light to us in dark places, when all other lights go out.”

And you know what?

She’s both.

Happy 2nd Birthday, our super-sweet Sunshine.  We love you, too!

9 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. Happy Birthday to Dinosaur and Sunshine! You both are a blessing and joy to our lives.

    Love, Grandma Rie and Grandpa Mark

  2. Happy birthday to the two of them!! When Lucy saw Sunshine’s pictures she immediately said, “go see ***.” So I guess she has gotten over the choke hold and bear hugs of October.;) We’ll see next time they meet how it goes.:):)

  3. I love this post. I’m not always a fan of themed bedding (overstimulation, anyone??), but the JD sheets are irresistible, as is his joy!

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