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Capturing Contentment in the Everyday…


ImageThis crucifix was a gift from my parents this past Christmas, quickly saved by my mother when their Catholic bookstore closed down.  It’s a sick call crucifix, one of those things handy to have but which–ack–you don’t like to think about having to use?  Anyway, I had been meaning to get one for years, but never found one I liked.  She happened upon the perfect one immediately.  Thanks Mom & Dad! (I hung it in the upstairs family room)

Happy (and Real)


My knitting buddy.  She holds the yarn.  She smiles appreciatively at my attempts and does not criticize or judge. 😉  Of course, if she were more knowledgeable at this point she could have said something like: “Um, Mom?  That rolled-brim hat you’re knitting?  When you picked it back up again after two months, you started knitting back to front.  Didn’t you notice?”  I did notice.  I noticed as I switched to double-pointed needles.  I am probably going to redo the hat anyway, but not yet.  I need to hurry up and make some haybales for someone’s 2nd birthday next week.  We’re doing a barnyard party–but Ssh! More on that next week.


ImageThis week we set Miss Munchkin up in a booster seat every so often (padded on the side with blankets for support, not pictured).  This picture was taken on the first trial run.  Sunshine loves having Miss Munchkin so close, and comes to visit often as I’m loading the dishwasher or cooking (the usual reason I needed to have a place for Miss M.  The floor is not an option.  The Hobbit Dogs would lick her to pieces or Sunshine would pick her up and carry her off.).  Anyway, Sunshine likes to come hold baby sister’s hand, pat her on the head, and show her the toys that await her when she gains some motor control.  Here Sunshine is showing off one of her Schleich barn animals.

ImageI was changing my sheets the other day and had the comforter and pillows all piled up on my bed. Someone decided to come bask in the winter sunshine.  She’s pretending (quite unconvincingly) to be asleep.

Oh, and where would we be without more LEGO pictures?  This crew showed up this past week.

Officer McReady goes medieval on a…sleigh?  With a cat?  And a one-armed scuba-diving partner?

6 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. Hi! Just stopping over from LMLD. I notice that your three youngest are pretty close in age. I think I’ll start reading your blog to get tips on how that is done 🙂 I also see you look like you are an experienced canner? I am thinking about starting that…if I had time for it! (We eat a lot of fruit and I love the idea of eating it out of glass cans, freshly prepared by me. But, I am a little intimidated still at this point. Having never done it an all – except making jam. Just a matter of bravely jumping in, right?) Well anyway – I enjoyed this post – very upbeat and sweet!

  2. What great pictures! I love the Legos – we’re in full-on Lego mode around here. I love your little knitting buddy, too 🙂 Mine has gotten so big she crawls off to chew on the yarn, so now knitting must wait until after bedtime.

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