Looking forward.

I’ve been thinking lately that the week between Christmas and New Year’s is my favorite week of the year.  It truly is, usually.  All the holiday baking is done; Christmas is still with us but without the frenzied anticipation; Haus Meister has a mandatory paid vacation from work–no one in his office has to go in this week; I have my new calendars ready with all their beauty of blank pages; and we can sit back with our cocoa and reflect on the days past and make plans for the days to come.  Ideally, that is.  This year I still want to make one more batch of cookies to make for our New Year Party (but probably won’t get to it), Christmas is definitely still with us, but Haus Meister is having to work this weekend; a connection to our water main broke and “caused confusion and delay” for the better part of the week, thanks also to an inept Housing Warranty Office with whom we will not be renewing acquaintance; I have my calendars but have hardly had time in the evenings for that cocoa and reflection bit.  Bother.  That’s the season of life we’re in right now, I guess. 😉

I picture myself with a little cartoon character on each shoulder.  One is a gloomy Eeyore sort of thing–pessimism.  The other is a spritely pixie sort of thing–optimism.  Together they banter in my thoughts as I do attempt to reflect on the year.  Optimism wins in the end, because that’s me.  Sure there were many things I wanted to do this past year.  We had a lot of plans go awry–and many more go flop (that garden, for instance?).  We had a lot of plans shift and change and come out for the best.  We had to rethink things, revamp things, turn around and start from scratch.

And there were so so so many new beginnings.  New house, new parish church, new regular grocery store, new routes to remember, new places to go, new pets, and especially Miss Munchkin, whose bright brown eyes bring so much joy to our life.  This year we’ll be settling in even more.  My resolutions are to pray more, make more homemade food (including renewing my 2010 achieved goal of canning a year’s worth of applesauce), knit more, sew more.  That’s the summary.  I also told Haus Meister I wanted to see if he could brew a year’s worth of homebrew.  ((Hey, we have all this equipment in our garage!))  He said that was the best resolution he’d ever heard. 😉  But basically we look forward to 2o12 with all the reckless optimism of yore.

“Why do we do this to ourselves?” I laughingly asked my sister back when we decided to adopt both the current Hobbit Dogs.

“Because you two are the Bingleys of the family,” she instantly responded.

I threw my head back and laughed heartily.  Then I stopped.  “You know… you’re right.”

So, Happy New Year from the Bingleys.  See you in 2012.

"Country manners? I think they're charming."




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