Mitt Hjerte Alltid Vanker

My cousin is doing a superb job finding old carols to discuss for Advent, but I’m going to get to this one before she does…. 😉

Mitt hjerte alltid vanker
i Jesu føderom,
der samles mine tanker
som i sin hovedsum.
Der er min lengsel hjemme,
der har min tro sin skatt;
jeg kan deg aldri glemme
velsignet julenatt!

Akk, kom jeg opp vil lukke
mitt hjerte og mitt sinn
og full av lengsel sukke:
Kom, Jesus, dog herinn!
Det er ei fremmed bolig,
du har den selv jo kjøpt,
så skal du blive trolig
her i mitt hjerte svøpt.

Jeg gjerne palemgrene
vil om din krybbe strø,
for deg, for deg alene
jeg leve vil og dø.
Kom, la min sjel dog finne
sin rette gledes stund,
at du er født herinne
i hjertets dype grunn.

And because that’s probably beyond most of us, here’s it in plain English (I found it here)

My heart doth always wander
To Jesus’ manger bed.
His lowly birth I ponder;
To Him my thoughts are led.
My yearning finds assurance,
And faith renews so bright,
When I recall with reverence
That blessed Christmas night.

Ah come, dear Lord, be with me,
And in my heart reside.
Sweet comfort Thou shalt give me;
Come, Jesus, here abide.
To my heart be no stranger –
Thy home it e’er shall be.
And as within the manger
My love shall cradle Thee.

Thy holy crib I’ll honor
And round it palm leaves lay.
To Thee alone, dear Savior,
I give my life each day.
Come, grant me heav’nly pleasure
And true delight impart.
For Thou art my soul’s treasure,
Born deep within my heart.

I loved this song when I first heard it a few Christmases ago, from the same album that I posted about earlier.  Sometime the following summer I suddenly recalled it, couldn’t stop humming it, and sat going through all the Scandinavian music on our playlist (yes, we have about three albums of Scandinavian songs in our music library.  Another blogpost.) to try to find it.  Then I remembered, “It’s a Christmas song!”  And really, it’s lovely.  Now compared to the amazing music history lesson Dulce Domum keeps posting, this post is pathetic, but it’s 12:30am Christmas Eve and I am not feeling very original.  I’m just listening to the song on repeat as I type and thinking, this needs to be heard! 😉  So, here you go.  I did gather from forums that the Danish, Norwegians, and Swedes all claim some part of this carol as their own, whether translation, original lyric, or melody.  However, the validity of information gleaned from internet forums is also up for debate.  Moving on.

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