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Capturing Contentment in the Everyday…


We were going to wait until around today to get our tree, but I was afraid all the nice ones would be taken.  The rest of the Haus needed NO convincing that last Saturday was Christmas Tree Day.

It’s the biggest, most glorious tree we’ve ever had.  We’ve never had the space for this kind of tree before!  I was upstairs when Haus Meister was stringing the lights and when Rascal called me downstairs the above picture met my eyes.  I almost cried, it was that beautiful.


I found my Christmas Card Wall.  My Mom always taped the Christmas cards we received all over the kitchen walls–a pretty Christmas wall decoration.  I’ve done the same in the apartment and then in the Old Haus.  In the Old Haus we used the dining room for our cards, but here I wanted to use something a lot more visible to everyone (we eat in the kitchen while we still have white carpet in the dining room).  So the foyer it is!  Very festive.


Earlier this month Haus Meister was away on his last business trip of the year.  During this time Princess decided to take a few naps in the evenings which led to her being up past bedtime.  To while away the hours (and try to get some Christmas card writing done), I popped in my DvD of White Christmas.  It was a hit with her!  In fact, some nights I think she tries to stay awake so I can turn it on for her again!  I skipped some of the dance sequences but that was fine; she likes the first half of the movie (really until they get to the Inn) and the last ten minutes.  One night she came out and asked for “Bwack Christmuss.”  I told her she had her opposites mixed up.

(She fell asleep "counting her blessings.")


Speaking of naps… when Haus Meister came home from work tonight, Sunshine didn’t run to greet him as usual.  I started looking for her and panicked a bit when she didn’t materialize in some form of mischief in obvious places in the house.  We hadn’t gone outside because of the rain, so I calmed down as I peeked into the living room and saw she had tucked herself away in the chair…with the Christmas cookie batter bowl we had finished using….

They make me sleepy.  Good night! 😉

2 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. Oh these are adorable snapshots! I loved seeing your little one asleep in all those places, so overcome with Christmas joy! Thank you. And enjoy that big, glorious tree for me? They don’t work so well in this life 😉 Merry Christmas!

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