Still here…

It’s the Most Hectic Time of the Year….

  • Finishing Christmas cards still (the ones I was going to send early, right?)
  • Finally baking my Christmas bread (trying not to feel bad that all my best friends will NOT be getting their packages before Christmas Eve…)
  • Second Quarter Tests!
  • Wrapping Presents!  Ok, THINKING ABOUT STARTING to wrap presents!
  • Trying to make cookies for the neighbors.
  • That includes our old neighbors since we still know them better than we know our new ones.
  • Sleep.
  • Eat.
  • Eat something other than Christmas cookies.
  • There are no Christmas cookies in the Haus at the moment.
  • Four kids eat them faster than I can make them, but they share them so well…

So, as I try to take time to savor the little things as Advent winds to a close, here’s a geeky commercial that made us laugh.  You’ve all seen it a million times, no doubt, but hey, we don’t have a TV so it’s still funny over here. 😉

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