He is *SUCH* a boy

Tonight my intrepid Scouts returned from their pack meeting-turned-Christmas-Party and Rascal proudly displayed a prize he’d won.  I grabbed my husband’s arm and fake-screamed (sort of).  Haus Meister said in mild disbelief, “Yes, he traded a boy a fire-starter for that thing.”

The first time I step on it in the dark, it’s outta here.

 (and just so you know, it moves around when you pull the string on its back)

6 thoughts on “He is *SUCH* a boy

  1. Haha! That thing is so cool. .It’s not just a boy thing, though–Rose loves bugs, and we have a variety of creepy-crawlies around all the time here. Hank is not interested in them nearly as much: he prefers his tools and cars. 🙂

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