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Capturing Contentment in the Everyday…


Taking out the decorations a little at a time… trying to find how the old decorations look in a new place (it seems we’ve always been here, but it is still our first Christmas in this house).  That large pillow was never in the bedrooms before.  I’m afraid I’m hogging it, but then, I always did… 😉


Someone had a birthday on Tuesday!


Our Fontanini Nativity set turned Advent calendar.

Each day a new figure (or two, in the case of the flock of sheep) appears from the basket on the bookshelf and is taken to the stable, where they will not be left quietly on display.  That little chair is almost always at that table, and Sunshine is usually in it.

And the Schleich barn animals routinely make an appearance.  The Shire horse has officially taken over the stable.  It looks as though he defeated the Bull and some sheep while doing so.

The year after we were married I bought a new St. Joseph for our nativity set.  I’m one of those people who prefer thinking St. Joseph was NOT 60 years old when he married Mary, and so I wanted a younger looking Joseph.

So here’s the current St. Joseph.  I think he looks a little younger, and I like his “hat.”

Now what to do with the previous Joseph?  Make him Shepherd Patriarch Joseph, of course!  Those sheep need more shepherds! (what, you don’t make up backstories to your Nativity figures?)

This morning I pulled him out of the basket and handed him to Princess, saying, “Here’s another shepherd for your sheep.”  She scowls and looks at him, then at me.  “That’s nawt a shepherd,” she insists. “It’s GOD.”

Well well.  I demote him, she seriously promotes him.


Also, every now and then Princess will remind me of my sister so much it turns back the clock 24 years.

This is one of those moments. 😉

8 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. Oh my goodness, where did you find that picture of me eating a cupcake??!! So proud to see my niece is still following in my footsteps. A. dear, only princesses understand.;)

  2. I prefer the new St. Joseph, too. He looks more fatherly as well as being young.

    Princess is just dressing for the season. You know, red and green. “Happy Holidays [preparation]!”

  3. Good morning everyone!

    Jill–I confess I get a kick out of seeing what they do with the stable. As long as the essentials are in place on Christmas (Baby Jesus IN the manger, etc) I don’t mind how they arrange it. And actually, the Schleich animals look better than the Fontanini ones. Honestly, comparing the cows… the Fontanini one is on its last legs! 😉

    Sarah–that picture shows why Mom rarely if ever bought a store-made cupcake. And why it’s a rarity here, too. 😉 Scary how she resembles you. 😉

  4. I love your Nativity! We only have a small one and I can’t wait to “upgrade” to a big set with moveable pieces 🙂
    And that cupcake looks wonderful 😉

  5. Oh, my – the red hair, the frosting!!! And your sister’s comment, too – so cute.
    I LOVE that bedspread, or quilt – whatever it is!

    Our assistant pastor said in his homily the other day that St. Joseph was not an older man, but he was around eighteen. He’s from Poland, and I don’t know if that’s what they’re taught over there, but I’m wondering where he got his “information”. I wonder what the truth really is!

  6. LOL. The Holiness of the Lord shown forth and all the critters passed out! Too cute! The Schleich animals in our home have been known to visit the nativity (which stays out all year long here) on a regular basis! Love it!

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