Trooper at 8

Eight years ago on the feast of St. Nicholas we received the best gift ever–the life of our baby.

(First time we were able to hold him–12/29/2003)

We may be his primary teachers, but just by being around him we find we learn so much.

For instance:

Take things a day at a time.  What seems impossible today may just be accomplished tomorrow.

(that sleeper? The girls’ Bitty Baby dolls can wear it)

There were so many days when it seemed impossible he’d ever come home.  And then he did.  And he thrived.

Be flexible.  There will be good days and bad days.  Roll with the punches–but never give up.   He was two before he walked–but he walked.  He had to outgrow some issues in order to drink milk without rice cereal in it, but it happened.  He has always been able to meet a goal set for him, but at his pace, in his time.  He’s a trooper.

There is beauty and joy and gladness in the smallest of things, in the oddest of things, in the most normal and ordinary things.

(I love this picture)

He sees it.  He notices the things we gloss over, ignore, or quite simply have forgotten to see.

His joy is infectious (I never thought I’d get excited about a truck, but we do).

The little triumphs of life are no less important than the great ones.

(An awesome moment: Trooper escorted his Grandma down the aisle at his aunt’s wedding. I was afraid the crowd, the setting would be too much for him. His Grandma had more faith, and indeed he was *perfect*)

And the sweet simplicity about him.  This is a boy who is content with so little, materially.  I haven’t learned that yet.  It’s going to take a while.

(Then there’s another thing about him I haven’t learned to enjoy quite the same as he does.  Plain Yogurt.  He could eat a quart a day if I let him.  Me?  Um…no.)

Happy 8th Birthday, our Trooper, our hero.  We’re with you all the way, no matter what.

(Trooper and his team)

10 thoughts on “Trooper at 8

  1. Happy birthday, Nicholas! It’s so hard to believe that was eight years ago. What a little miracle you are!

  2. Love all the pictures, what a little man he is! That was a long night. I remember, when Ken put the prayer request for you on the doors of the chapel, suddenly feeling like we weren’t alone and God would pull you and Nicholas through. His small witness has taught me so much about faith and trust!

  3. Happy Birthday Mr. Man !!!!!!
    I love you a lot and can’t wait till GrandMa Rie and visit again (and play that ball and tube game you like so much.) I keep your picture on my phone so that when things at work get tough, I can stop and remember how you persevere through every difficulty with that quiet determination and simple joy. So here’s a great big HURRAY! for my best buddy and little hero.

    Much, much love – GPMark

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  5. Love the picture of the Birthday Boy eating his yogurt. He reminds me of his Grandpa Mark eating his (horrid) milk rice! And the sweet little girl sitting front and center of the family pic loooks like she stepped right out of Little House on the Prairie! Too cute!

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