The Dark Side of Yuletide

So, reading up on the history of the large straw goat, it appears that in Scandinavian countries once upon a time it was the Goat who brought the children’s presents.  I assume this was partly because Heaven forbid the giver have anything to do with that Papist St. Nicholas (until Father Christmas came into vogue in the late 19th century, that is).  Anyway, the kids wanted to see pictures of the goats and in our perusing we found this one:

Yes, that girl is a bit startled, and so am I. If I saw that thing coming, I’d probably be screaming.  But this is NOTHING compared to what the Austrians/Germans tend to do to their children around this time of year.  All you folk who mention the “Santa is an anagram of Satan” schtick have nothing on them.  Over there, St. Nicholas brings the devil along with him to scare h-e-double-toothpicks into children.  He’s called Krampus, and I’m not posting his picture on this G-rated family blog.  If I saw THAT thing coming, I’d be in my house with everyone gathered round me and blessed candles lit and saying rosaries like you wouldn’t believe.

Ah, the way Christmas is celebrated around the world….

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