He’s Gone.

Well, the  Swedish Christmas Goat didn’t last long this year, which is rather a shame for them since it was his 45th Anniversary year.

Apparently the firefighters were going to spray the goat down and turn it into a large Ice Bocken, which would have looked rather interesting, but the arsonists got there first.  And there goes that random Christmas tradition this year.

3 thoughts on “He’s Gone.

  1. I admit to being disappointed. I’ve been watching the goat for about 4 years now and we’re at 2-2. of course, the perpetrators only had a small window of time to torch the thing before it became Ice Bocken. But last year there was a security guard patrolling! Where was he this year? is this part of an anti-goat conspiracy? Will we ever know?

    meanwhile, keep in mind folks that I updated you here BEFORE Wikipedia was updated. That has to be a historical first. 😉

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