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Capturing Contentment in the Everyday…


A moment before, Miss Munchkin was demonstrating how much she likes her newly discovered feet.  Now we’re back to the hands.   I just loved how she happened also to be basking in the sun while I finished folding the laundry (on the part of the bed not pictured, otherwise this would be in “real”).


“Take a picture of me with my LEGO car, Mama.”

He’s proud of his innovative creations.


When I uploaded my pictures from the past two weeks, I realized I had not taken any of all the fun we had over the Thanksgiving holiday with our families!  However, I did take a few of the post-holiday recovery….


Advent is here!

My beloved wreath is out of Sunshine’s reach.

On Sunday we brought home our Jesse Tree.  The kids wanted to decorate it right away.  I explained how we were only going to color one ornament a day until Christmas Eve, when we would put the ornaments on it (and the Big Tree in the basement family room).  Last year Rascal was the only ornament contributor.  This year I have three eager colorers so feasibly I could have 72 ornaments on this little tree, but that’s not likely.  In fact, I’m encouraging them to each color one in the hopes that by Christmas, there will be one full set of them on the tree!  Last year we were losing them by the middle of the month.  One day that does not have an ornament is Day 4, when I tell them the story of Abraham and God’s promise that his descendants would be more numerous than the stars.  We put tiny lights on the tree to symbolize the stars.  However, this is all a major digression.  The point is that after I told them we couldn’t begin decorating it until Monday, Rascal began to decorate around it.  Hence the result:

(We did put it all away the next day, once the ornaments began to appear.)

9 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. Thanks, everyone, for stopping in today. Firstly, the candles. We bought our kits from Magic Cabin and Hearthsong (sister companies). I believe we used the Pastel and Bright kits for those candles, because I bought the Holiday kit this time and also Valentine so that Princess could help roll pink candles (she did)–and there were NO purple sheets in this year’s kits.

    The Advent wreath IS German–good call. I bought it last year from The Wooden Wagon. A bit pricey, but I was tired of my cheap ones falling apart, and I wanted something that the kids would grow up remembering year after year. Besides, Haus Meister’s family is–you got it–German. How much I don’t remember, but it’s there. 😉

    Sarah–you wish you could sleep like Miss Munchkin? I wish I could sleep like Sunshine! For that matter, I wish I could just plain sleep. 😉

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