Recently overheard

While browsing through a seasonal catalog that had arrived in the mail:

DINOSAUR: “Rascal, we need new swords.”


At the foot of the ridge we live upon is a corner produce stand/farm market that currently has Christmas trees out.  They also have a large inflatable Santa that we can see below us as we drive down the hill.

DINOSAUR: “Oh look, there’s Santy Claus.  I need to talk to him about my dinysaurs.”

(Schleich dinosaurs.  Another catalog.)


Princess and Miss Munchkin were sitting together in my room.  Princess had leaned over so that Miss Munchkin could touch her face and Miss Munchkin was cooing at her sister.

PRINCESS: “She wuvs me so much.”


This morning I had to feed Miss Munchkin before going to Mass, and so Sunshine, Miss M and I walked in after the family had already been inside Church for a bit.  As it was raining, we entered the Church through the lower level (closer to our van) and were climbing the stairs to the main body of the Church when the teachers and children for the Children’s Liturgy were heading down to the lower level for their catechesis.  Seeing them, Sunshine whirled about on her chubby flat feet and tugged at my hand to follow the crowd.

SUNSHINE: “Wess Go!”

(That’s “Let’s Go!”)

Oh, and speaking of Sunshine… the Advent wreath is only appearing on the table during dinner.  The rest of the day it has a place of honor on the newly cleared top of my sideboard in the “parlor” (the dining room, which we use as a den or nook since it has white carpet and thus proved impractical for this family to eat over–even with  rugs).  I keep reminding myself that this is only a season; next year the wreath will be back on the table, only to be in the parlor the following year when Miss Munchkin is 2. 😉

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