We’re back in Advent again!  Can you believe it?  Tonight after all the children were in bed, I unpacked our Advent wreath and set it out on the table, happy to notice we’d saved the Advent candles from last year, as this year when I bought the beeswax kit, I accidentally omitted to order any purple!  Still, it was lovely to see it again.  I do hope Sunshine allows us to keep the wreath on the table…

Tomorrow we pick up our Jesse Tree!  We had such fun last year, picking up the little real tree and then decorating it with the paper Jesse Tree themed ornaments until Christmas Eve, when Rascal hung the rest of the ornaments.  There are so many new and wonderful things we’re doing this Advent–stay tuned!

One thought on “Ah….Advent

  1. For the first time ever this year, I managed to actually find the advent wreath at the beginning of Advent! Alas, I forgot to get new candles. 😦

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