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Capturing Contentment in the Everyday…


November can be pretty.  The last leaves falling in the rainstorm today was very  pretty.  This kind of weather always reminds me of Thanksgiving anyway.  Can you believe Thanksgiving is a week away?  Not to mention Advent?

Speaking of which….


Our Christmas cards are ordered and I have the requisite amount of stamps!!!  More on this down in “Real.”


Oh, the look on Miss Munchkin’s face!  It fits well with their relationship.  Sunshine only gives bear-hugs–at least, hardly anyone gets a regular hug from her.  Miss Munchkin was no exception, we found, so they got off to a rocky start from the baby’s point of view.  Until Miss Munchkin can fend for herself, scenes like these are very much supervised. 😉


Why, you ask, am I so on top of things with Christmas cards when only 5 of Miss Munchkin’s birth announcements were actually sent?!  Besides the fact that I’m a fanatical Christmas nut?  Well, because 85% of the people in my address book either don’t know that we moved or know but still do not have our new address.   Mass e-mails don’t cut it there because I don’t have everyone’s e-mails, nor do I want to be on Facebook.  So, I’m trying to kill three birds with a stone here: Wish everyone a Merry Christmas, deliver the announcements, and inform the recipients of the new address before our renters get about 60 cards at the Old Haus addressed to us. 😉

But ah, we have gotten in the habit of sending photo cards, and Snapfish had a sweet deal running on cards that ended yesterday.  I determined to claim it and so we dressed up the kiddos a few days ago–after the sunshine was masked in a three day cloud cover, of course–found a festive backdrop of holly bushes, and proceeded to launch the chaos that is family photo shoots.  I wasn’t expecting to be in the photo–if I had, I wouldn’t have worn my postpartum/transitional tent shirt and jeans.  And I would have worn festive earrings that no one would see in the picture but would have made me feel better. 😉  As it was, my efforts were needed to rein in Sunshine, who once outdoors was infected with William Wallace syndrome (“FREEEEDOOOMMMM”).  Trooper did a little round of musical chairs himself, but not to Sunshine’s extent.  Princess and Miss Munchkin were prim and demure.  Dinosaur dodged the camera for 27 shots.  Rascal stuck out his tongue for four and made faces in three.  And afterward I looked mournfully at the pictures and thought of all the ones we were going to receive from people showing well-organized, perfectly poised children.  Haus Meister reminded me to laugh about it, and then we did.  Oh, we did.  We’re a fun set.

So of the 35 pictures we took, 2 were potential for Christmas card use.  This is not the one we used, but this was the second best.

Keeping it real, folks.  Keeping it real. 😉

15 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. This is adorable! I love how you captured that uneasy relationship between the girls. They will like that photo too, someday. And your Christmas photo is beautifully composed and will be a wonderful reminder of your blessings. Happy Thanksgiving, thank you for sharing!

  2. I can’t believe Thanksgiving and Advent are almost here either! So much to do. I love your family pic – very real and very lovely 🙂

  3. Personally, I get tired of seeing all of the photos of perfectly organized, well-poised kids! “Real” is where it’s at!

    Of course, when it comes to my own Christmas card, I stress out about it, too…

  4. Wild Optimist (love the name!)–
    Yes, they will enjoy that picture in years to come. My sister and I still laugh at one of me holding her and I’m smiling and all is well but she is screaming her head off. Ah, the little things. Happy Thanksgiving as well. 🙂

  5. Kate,

    I’m with you on the “so much to do.” Thanks for the compliment and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. 🙂

  6. Hi Jill! I think I stress way too much about the cards, really. I get this sugar-plum ideal of what the picture should be (and last year’s was very close–all kids on the couch facing forward and mainly smiling). Maybe in a way I see the result as a judgment call: “look at that–six kids and she can’t even manage to get them to sit still.” (and now I’m laughing into my coffee mug at the idea) 😉

    Your cards are always so nice. I am looking forward to this year’s. 🙂 And that’s not supposed to make you stress. 😉

  7. I completely identify with the photo torment. Usually I have multiple children talking instead of smiling, one protesting (what? anything really) and someone half-walking out of the photo. It’s real, right? We wouldn’t want to airbrush the life out of the life…

  8. I love your photo, and I’m just going to suggest that you crop it so we can see you a bit better! Because your family is beautiful! Your house is beautiful too 🙂 Good job getting a photo. I can certainly appreciate the difficulties thereof.
    And whatever you do, don’t delete the crazy ones, because those are the ones you’ll cherish when you’re my age 🙂

  9. You have such a beautiful family! I think your second choice picture is great. Especially considering how many little children are involved. Just the fact that no one is blurry or crying-everyone looks very happy-even you! Also, I LOVE your funny picture. That is hilarious. You made my night.

  10. Your photo is gorgeous. The leaves on the ground really add something. And, it’s good that it’s isn’t perfect – you can’t trust families with perfect Christmas card photos 🙂

  11. Oh my goodness, the “funny” picture is just great! That’s going to be a family favorite in the years to come, I bet. And I think the Christmas pic is very good! I haven’t tried to get a picture of the kids for Christmas cards for a long time (the last formal portrait I had taken was before Hank turned 2!). I only have three, but that doesn’t seem to help me get them to sit still. 🙂

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