It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like….

….wait a minute….


Now, those of you who know me well know that I like to daydream/plan/begin making things for Christmas well in advance of the actual day.  It’s how I tick.  Hypocritically, I prefer my shopping venues to reserve the trees and decorations until the day after Thanksgiving, at least!!!  So when we came home last night to find the bin from the post office on my front door, I was appalled that 75% of it was catalogs (only 5 of which I wanted to seriously look through–the other 159 or so were destined for instant recycle bin).  20% of it were Christmas appeals, some from charities I’d never heard of until now, and the other 5% was the typical household bills and mail.  It made me think of a few lines from this song that my brother-in-law showed me last year:

(My usual caveat: I only endorse the youtube video I put on the blog, not necessarily any related videos)

“Heard this same song twenty times, and it’s only Halloween!”



3 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like….

  1. I wish there was a lot more Thanksgiving/autumn related things in that seasonal section of the store that truly does go all Christmas at 12:01am Nov. 1. Actually, at our Target, the Christmas lights were already up and out behind the Halloween section. I tried in vain to find a few more leaf garlands to update my tired ones from college, but no luck. Where’s the turkey shaped tea light holders? Where’s the pilgrim hats? Is it any wonder I’m addicted to Etsy?! 😉

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