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Capturing Contentment in the Everyday…

My apologies for the blog silence again.  We’ve been enjoying a visit with my family that has included some fun outings and escapades, but also unfortunately Miss Munchkin did catch the croup that afflicted nearly everyone else so she and I had a 12hr hospital visit to make sure she is on the mend.  I am happy to report that she is recovering well, smiling and cooing as ever, and as of last night has discovered her hands. 😉

Pretty, Happy, Funny

Pumpkinfest Time! My “big girls” loved the milk barrel “train ride.” They wouldn’t get out!  The poor guy driving probably entertained them for a good half-hour just going around that track.  Over and over.  But they loved it.

We did share the train with others.  One of my boys is hiding in the barrel in the picture above us.  All you can see of him is his black winter coat.

There was also this amazing slide that we plan to re-create in our backyard at some point.  Haus Meister went down with Trooper to help with speed. 🙂

Two boy pile-up on the slide to the right.  That pink coat top right is Sunshine, going down backward, on her belly, and smiling all the way.  Everyone was safe, no worries.

And of course, what better way to wrap up the day than enjoying a freshly made apple spice donut!  (*sob* the van needs a good vacuum….)


When I was in 2nd grade, a children’s book author visited my school and signed books for us.  Meeting her, and then doing a creative writing assignment in 3rd grade really inspired me to do some writing of my own.  Something is in progress, but that isn’t what this is about, by the by.  When I learned that Jan Brett was going to be in the area during our visit, my mother, sister, and I determined that we should go to her book signing, even though it was mere hours after our late night arrival.  Besides, the kids love Jan Brett’s books.  We read them often.  However, after reading the ad from the bookstore sponsoring this event that HEDGIE the hedgehog would be there, I’m afraid the kids were more excited to meet the hero of one of their favorite books.  Apparently Jan Brett once travelled with her live pet hedgehog.  After our two hour wait in line, we finally reached the table and introduced ourselves to Mrs. Brett.  Rascal immediately asked about Hedgie.  She broke it to him gently that the real Hedgie had passed away a few years ago, and that when she tours now she brings a Hedgie puppet with her.  Upon hearing this, Rascal turned to me and said with all the drama of a child whose illusions have been shattered: “Oh, Mama, Hedgie is a COSTUME.”

(Jan Brett, Grandma, & Rascal)

So, was their experience meeting an author as inspiring as mine?  Looks doubtful, but who knows?  However, they are enjoying the books we picked up, and Rascal has recovered from his disappointment and still likes that hedgehog as much as ever. 🙂

2 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. wow, neat! I’ve never read the Hedgie books but The Mitten is a favorite of ours. It’s always inspiring to meet an author/illustrator in person! And I find it really fitting that she would be wearing a fair-isle knitted sweater.

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