A Tale for Hallowe’en

I love dressing up in costume for play acting or parties, not that I’ve done much of that in recent history, but I enjoy helping the children do so as well.  That being said, I’m tired and disgusted of all that is macabre and gross about today and am ready to get on with November.  I’d rather be planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas than going to a Haunted House.


I want to share with you tonight my favorite ghost story.  Seeing that “thrillers” keep me awake at night for weeks, I avoid some old Star Trek episodes like the plague (the salt-sucking alien, anyone?), and a ghost story about a crashing elevator made me petrified to enter one from age 7 to 15, you can bet this story isn’t very scary.  Have a read and a laugh this Hallowe’en and I’ll see you in November!

Without further ado: The Spectre Bridegroom 

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