Coming out of the croup….

It is quiet in here.  For the first time in two weeks there isn’t someone incessantly coughing back in the bedrooms.  Thank God.

Two weeks of quarantine and we’re starting to show a little strain on the edges. Time for a change of scene.

Is the North ready for a Southern invasion?

Viewer Discretion: language.  I posted this for the very first line in the clip, one I usually say to my folks whenever we arrive.  I’m silly that way, but they like me.  😉   Dad, the rest of the scene is for you.  Apparently we missed some deleted scenes because we didn’t own the version that had ’em, and you and I didn’t get to watch Gettysburg together this summer. 🙂

One thought on “Coming out of the croup….

  1. I saw you hadn’t posted anything for a little while, and wondered if you’d all come down with something. I’m glad you’re coming out on the other side of it now!

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