Boy of the Greenwood

Croup, which is no respecter of persons, descended upon us two months earlier than usual.   However, I will take it now if it means we don’t get it at Christmas!  It has once again put Rascal under the weather, and to add insult to injury, it prevented him from attending his first ever Cub Scout campout.  Repeated assurances that there would be plenty of opportunities to camp in the next 12 years of Scouting did nothing to console him.  So, we opted for distraction.

I mentioned before that we love the 1950’s tv series The Adventures of Robin Hood starring Richard Greene.   The kids have seen the Disney Robin Hood several times, but only through rentals.  As our enormous dvd set of Richard Greene’s Robin Hood is more easily accessible, we’ve spent our rainy weekends lately watching these.  It made Rascal long for a bow and arrow set.  We were hoping to hold out for Christmas (and I daresay a more “real” set might appear in the boys’ stockings), but in light of Rascal’s disappointment, Haus Meister put together a makeshift bow and arrow from materials in the garage.  I daresay the bow Haus Meister made is better than the toy set one, but Rascal also wants “real” arrows.  He’s imaginative, but also particular.  That gets bothersome at times, but I digress.

After seeing my young archer trying out his bow, I sat down and searched for a Robin Hood hat tutorial.  My printer cable is out, so I had to eyeball the pattern and try to cut accordingly.  I didn’t have enough of one shade of green felt, so the hat is two-toned.  However, it sufficed!  I then, with Haus Meister’s blessing, took one of Haus Meister’s painting shirts–an old olive green T-shirt–turned it inside out (so I didn’t have to cut off the pocket, being in a hurry) and cut off the sleeves. I then folded the shirt and cut a deep V down the front.  All that was needed was to pop it over Rascal’s head and tie a green cord around his waist.  Voila–a Robin Hood costume in 15 minutes or less!

He did learn how to shoot that stick.  And he was inside, of course, when it happened.   Confiscation of weaponry was threatened.

Fortunately my little outlaw went back outside for a time.

The costume on Dino looked more like Friar Tuck’s tunic.  The Friar is threatening to attack the dog with the broken piece of a boat model.  I’ve learned just not to ask what this one is up to.

Yes, Grandpa, the hoodie has been through the wash.  It gets worn again as soon as it hits the drawer, though. 😉

No doubt further adventures await!

3 thoughts on “Boy of the Greenwood

  1. Love it!!! My Thomas is obsessed with Robin Hood at the moment. Seeing as it’s his birthday next week, I may just have to make a visit to Hearthsong.

    I loved how the chairs were tipped over in the last two pictures – a makeshift fort? casualties to a forest skirmish? the dog did it? we may never know!

  2. Thanks for the recent comment and Anniversary wishes on my blog! After hearing that you were at Christendom 13 years ago, I had to pop over and see if I recognized you, but I didn’t see a picture (other than those of your darling children). I was actually a Freshman in ’97-’98, and only stayed one year, so I think I just missed you, but we probably have many mutual friends. However, I did visit in ’98-99! It really is a small world! 🙂 God bless!

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