{pretty, happy, funny, real}

Capturing Contentment in the Everyday…


Our plethora of pumpkins, which threatens to grow weekly since the Knights of Columbus are selling them after every Sunday Mass and the kids go nuts when they see all the pumpkins on display.  The little pixie in the background of this picture shows that some of the kids still get excited about these pumpkins whenever we go out the front door.


Someone got a new John Deere hoodie in the mail.  Someone is now completely ready for the cooler months.


Does anyone else get lilacs in October or is my bush just very confused?  The kids meanwhile were saying, “Mom, c’mere–this flower smells like soap!”


No crayon available, this budding artist ran around attacking my walls with … the broccoli she found in the refrigerator.

9 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. I remember one Fall at Christendom Emma and I found the lilac bushes by St. Augustine’s and Coeli in bloom. I wonder if it’s a more southern occurance?

  2. There is a children’s book titled “A Day With No Crayons” that you may want to share with your little artist. It may inspire her!

  3. Way too funny. I have had 4 rounds of irises and 2 rounds of azaleas around here. The triple summer effect is too much for these poor trusting plants. They have no idea what time of year it really is.

    🙂 We crayoned the walls and refrigerator last week. I swear to something really important that I will never, ever, ever buy off-brand crayons. Wiping Crayola off with a dry cloth is just too addictive.

  4. Lilacs don’t bloom in Connecticut in October – you’re fortunate! And, your post is hilarious!! The broccoli – well, pretty harmless, I hope! And the “this flower smells like soap”! – that is too funny!

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