It’s been a little rough on Dinosaur ever since Rascal joined Cub Scouts.  For once the sidekick is left behind out of something he’d like to join, if only he were 2-3 years older.  And of course Rascal has to rub it in a little, assuming that Big Bro air and saying, “one day you’ll be a Scout, too.”  Anyway, due to the time of the Den meeting, Rascal and Haus Meister often do not return until after bedtime.  This also is tough on Dino, who definitely senses some injustice in the fact that Rascal is up while he is asleep.  Plus he just plain misses him.  So one Scout evening when it was bedtime and I was about to begin leading the night prayers, I told Dino he could go to sleep in Rascal’s bed–the thought being that when Rascal came home we’d move Dino back to his own bed and if he woke, well, he’d at least know his brother and Daddy were home before going back to sleep.  Dino liked the idea and fell asleep almost immediately in Rascal’s bed.

Rascal came home and went to change out of his uniform.  I had left the boys’ closet light on so that he could see to do so, and there was enough light coming from it for him to ascertain that his bed was occupied.

RASCAL: “Mama, why is Dino in my bed?”

ME: “He missed you.  Wasn’t that nice?”


RASCAL: (shrugs) “Ok, I’m going to sleep in his bed, then.”

Fast forward an hour or so.  I’m in the kitchen doing dishes when I hear Dino stomping down the hall.  He has to use the restroom.  After that’s finished, he stomps back to his room.

DINOSAUR: “MOMMY– Trooper’s in my bed!”

ME: “That’s not Trooper, honey.  It’s Rascal.”

DINOSAUR: (pauses for a moment) “Oh Mom-MEE!  Get him OUT!”

So much for that thought. 😉

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