Nature Study at the New Haus

I haven’t written much about the wildlife in the area, here in the ridge instead of the valley.  We see more of the hawks here, some juvenile turkey buzzards, and this random flock of wild turkeys that actually does traverse the subdivision (ironic, isn’t it? 30 wild birds in an area that doesn’t allow backyard chickens).  I thought I saw a deer in the slight wooded part of our hill last week, and finding three of them just outside the subdivision this evening rather confirmed it.   Many of our regular bird feeder birds are the same as we saw in the Old Haus, but there were a lot more cardinals over there, and a lot more woodpeckers over here.

I pause the Nature Study now to announce that The Old Haus has tenants!  We are renting the place to a nice young family.  God is good.

Now back to the Nature Study.  Ok, so the one thing I missed a great deal was that I had yet to hear The Owl  (my in-laws, who live nearby, assured me that we do have owls out here)  and since Owls are favorites in the family, I was slightly regretful, missing the nocturnal visitor that used to perch on our back fence.

But then tonight, I heard an owl call in the woods out back.  I called Haus Meister over to listen and confirm that I wasn’t hearing things.  It was indeed an owl, but it wasn’t the same call, so it wasn’t the Barred Owl.  Away I rushed to the trusty Google machine, searching for owl calls…

…and found my new nocturnal visitor is one of the Big Guys.

2 thoughts on “Nature Study at the New Haus

  1. We’d like to actually SEE it, too. Rascal tried to call for it the other night, and only managed to call the neighbor’s dog. 🙂

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