Catching Up

After nearly a week of blog silence, it’s time to play catch-up.

  • We survived the first onslaught of the common-cold season.  Some of us have a naggingly occasional cough, but we’re all up and about our duties again.
  • Trooper’s test results came back from his “ordeal.”  He has gastritis and some anemia troubles, and now two more medications, but aside from this it appears he will not need surgery or anything like–and that was what we dreaded.  Praise God!
  •  Trooper unscrambled numbers in an iPad app and proved beyond doubt that he can count to 20 (this is huge, folks–especially having to mentally place in order ten scrambled numbers and point them out).
  • Rascal is now a Bobcat.
  • Dinosaur isn’t going to be a dragon for Halloween after all–we found another knight’s costume so now we have two St. Georges.  And yes, he’s wearing that costume nearly 24/7.
  • Princess wears her birthday tiara so often that we’ve become accustomed to seeing it on her head.  In fact, we’re so used to it that she’s gotten away with wearing it to Church twice!
  • Sunshine managed to flush an as yet unidentified not-supposed-to-be-flushable object down a main toilet and put it out of commission–that’s about 14 months earlier than Rascal’s age when he performed such a feat.  Her escapades are becoming the stuff of future fireside legend, let me tell you.
  • Miss Munchkin is smiling and cooing.  I’m positive she’s earlier than everyone on this milestone.  These youngest kiddos are clearly set on beating the “competition.”

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