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Capturing Contentment in the Everyday…

WARNING: If you are allergic to princess costumes, tea parties, costume jewelry, and etc., then today is not the day you want to read this blog.


Beauty and the Beast

Someone had a birthday last week.  Amongst her birthday loot was this lovely costume made for her by her paternal grandmother.  Her doting aunts lavished upon this Princess the crown jewels also shown.  Once the belle of the ball was attired as seen, The Beast appeared for a dance.  And yes, he did dance with her. 🙂


Late Night Tea

Another night this week, Princess was having trouble going to sleep on account of a surprise nap she took around 5pm.  She wanted to color, but as I spend about 75% of my day picking up bits of crayon and crayon wrappers, or asking my children to do the same, I was not about to begin the cycle again.  Remembering the Saltine and Water Dinner for Dad episode of 1983/4, when I was her age and didn’t want to go to bed and so stalled by insisting I had to make dinner for Dad at my kitchen set, I suggested she have a tea party.  What I didn’t expect was that I was invited (indeed, I had figured she’d be distracted enough for me to get chores done before Miss Munchkin awoke for a nighttime feeding).  My hostess was very gracious and daintily passed my cup and saucer.   At one point she informed me that I was not drinking tea, but root beer.  We all have our favorite brown beverages, I guess.

Miss Munchkin is invited to tea

At one point, Miss Munchkin did wake up and so joined our merry little party.


The leaning cupcake cake

That cake?  It is supposed to be a 3-dimensional cupcake shaped cake.  You can sort of see that.  The only problem was that the cooling rack had been irrevocably bent by two boys using it as a shield.  I did not realize this until the cake was cooling and nearly had to prop it up.  Like the birthday cake in Sleeping Beauty.  Ah well, it’s for a princess, after all, and this one certainly didn’t mind.


He did this just as I pressed the button.

 Oh yes.  That’s real all right.  And this is how I’m getting him back.

6 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. The costumes is beautiful! Having a Grandma that can sew is a pretty awesome thing! The last photo cracked me up as my sone still does this. He is 22! Boys will be boys! LOL! Happy Thursday!

  2. Oh, the Star Wars craze is on the horizon. The other day my husband and I were watching Episode 4 and I suddenly froze and kept saying “oh no, oh no.” He asked what was wrong and I said, “In a few years we’re going to have a bunch of Wookies running around here!”

    Could be worse, of course. They could decide to impersonate Vader. 😉

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