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Capturing Contentment in the Everyday…


It looked more reddish in person--somehow it went orange-brown in the picture.

Dost mine eyes deceive me?  Autumn’s first red leaf!  I perched on our kitchen counter, right above the kitchen sink, with the zoom lens on the camera to get this shot.  What can I say?  Autumn is my favorite season.


Rain, glorious rain.


The kids need to stop messing with my mind like this.

That is not the baby.  But can you imagine how many double-takes I did on this day?


The morning after the rains stopped, we let the dog out as usual but accidentally let in a frog. I am fine with Nature in its place, but incredibly squeamish about some parts of Nature in my house.  Particularly when they jump unexpectedly and show up in the most unlikely places.  Like on the stove.

“Here’s your pan, here’s your frog.”

“Why is he smiling at me?”

In fact I was such a useless wimp about catching this guy that I used the zoom lens to get the picture, and when we next found him, didn’t have the courage to pop something (with holes) over him so he could breathe but be contained until Haus Meister and the big boys returned from their outing.  It was our sweet and brave Princess who put the “froggy house” over the frog, and then Haus Meister and Rascal caught and released him into the wild.  I disinfected the kitchen.

“What would you have done,” my husband the Nature-Boy-Eagle-Scout asked me with mild disgust, “if it had been a bullfrog?”

“Screamed then passed out,” was my prompt and sincere reply.

Apparently I’m going to be given a class in frog-catching.

Another real: a prayer request.  Would you, dear reader, please keep our Trooper in your prayers?  He has a colonoscopy and an endoscopy scheduled for next Tuesday* to determine the source of a digestive problem he’s had for some time.  It’s no treat for anyone, but it is going to be pure torture for him, no matter how this procedure is ultimately for his good.  Thank you in advance for praying!

*The afternoon of the day I posted this something unexpected came up, so the procedure has been rescheduled for Sept. 20th.  Thank you, everyone who has written of their prayers. 🙂

10 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. Oh goodness! That frog is just too much – and I think my response would have been the same.
    I love your {pretty}. Fall is my favorite too 🙂
    You’re all in my prayers.

  2. I love fall too! Frog on the stove – he doesn’t know how dangerous a place that is. I am lifting your Trooper in prayer – and you as well.

  3. Too funny! I’m glad that you documented the frog, at least! (I can totally relate, except my helplessness is with spiders!)
    Poor Trooper – we’ll pray he does well and the tests have good results!

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed all of these photos! Autumn is my favorite month as well and while I haven’t been skilled enough to take photos of the first turning leaves, I’ve sure driven my family nuts by pointing them all out to them!

    Frogs in the kitchen? EGAD! I react in a similar way when we get camel crickets in the powder room. I can’t even put a glass over them to save for my husband like I do with spiders. I just have to scream and run away.

    I will pray for your little guy. May God’s hand be upon him and the doctors.

  5. We’ll be praying for Trooper, for sure. I am kind of weird, but my first thought when I saw the frog was “Oh he’s so cute! I would have loved to hold him!”

  6. Jill had one of those little guys in her house during the hurricane. I told her he was simply evacuating from the coast and he heard that she had a fun house to hang out in.

  7. I have had both and it’s not so bad. He will be fine because they will sedate him. I don’t remember a thing about either. We will pray that they won’t find anything.

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