Rainy Sunday

Tropical Storm Lee is beginning to dump rain on our neck of the woods.  It’s welcome, though.  Oh, so welcome.

The rain cancelled all our outdoor plans for Labor Day, but we aren’t too upset because it didn’t rain at all in August.  Haus Meister is downstairs continuing to put our basement back together.  Rascal is busy with Legos.  Trooper is nailing some Angry Birds levels.  Miss Munchkin is napping and I wish I was. 😉  Since the kids are on a fairy-tale kick (thanks to “Cinderella” and “Sleeping Beauty”), I pulled out my copy of “Beauty and the Beast.”  It was, until recently, one of the few Disney movies I owned because that cartoon was my favorite for 20 years (recently bumped to #2 by “Tangled”).  I was prepared to fast-forward through certain scary scenes, but characteristically those were the scenes Dinosaur enjoyed the most.  The Beast takes on a pack of hungry wolves?  Bring it on, he’d say!  The Beast dances a waltz with a lovely lady?  Forget it–when does he get to roar again?  Dinosaur also preferred the scene in “Sleeping Beauty” when Prince Phillip fights the dragon.  Alas, he was a little bummed that the scene only lasted a few moments.

Anyway, our Princess has this fairy tale thing pegged.  Example:

BELLE: (singing on-screen) “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere… I want it more than I can tell…”

RASCAL: What is she looking for?

ME: Adventure.

PRINCESS: (interrupting) TH’ PWINCE!  She’s wooking for th’ PWINCE!

Yep, I think she understands the basic workings of the fairy tale genre.

Meanwhile, the kiddos had to come to grips with the fact that the neighborhood pool closes after Monday.  It’s officially summer’s end, right?  So I reassured Rascal, who was quite despondent, that Fall had a lot of things to anticipate.  Halloween, for instance.  I feel like having advance notice in case I need to make a costume, as I’ve been neglecting my sewing of late.  Our Haus Halloween rule is that you go as a saint or someone good in a book.   That got the wheels in their heads turning and it was determined for sure this morning that those children interested in trick or treating would go as characters in this book:

It shouldn’t be hard to guess who is going to portray which character. 😉  *Note: about an hour after I posted this, I realized that Dino will be breaking the Haus Halloween rule by going as the bad dragon from the book.   Oh well, if we’re going to have a St. George, one might as well have a dragon…  (still, I did put my foot in my mouth there, didn’t I?)

There’s our rainy Sunday for you.  Off now to begin to think about making shrimp n’ grits.  A Southern dish for a Southern Haus feeling the effects of rain brought about by a tropical storm bearing the name (ok, surname) of the South’s most excellent General.  Yep, it fits.

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