“My Coffee”

While my Mom was here we indulged in a new recipe: Pioneer Woman’s “Perfect Iced Coffee.”  We used Mystic Monk’s new Iced Coffee blend and made a whole pitcher worth of concentrate that we proceeded to enjoy (and I’m still enjoying) for the duration of her visit.  The only hitch was that Princess wanted coffee, too, and this isn’t decaf.  So I improvised.  I make decaf sweetened iced tea in another pitcher anyway, so I poured her a cup over ice and added half-and-half to it.  It satisfied Princess, who asked for “her coffee” every time we had a glass of ours.  I only hope we don’t shock and astonish visitors into thinking we give our children “legal addictive stimulants.” 😉  The Pioneer Woman was right, by the way.  I tried that Iced Coffee once, and I am hooked.



One thought on ““My Coffee”

  1. Yum – Mystic Monk Coffee!

    My mom did a similar thing to me when I was about Princess’ age. I would not do anything but cry if I did not have a bottle of juice in my hand. So, to avoid loading me with the natural suger found in fruit juice, she filled my bottle with water and used food coloring to create “juice”.

    Apparently, I never found out. 🙂

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