What I’m loving right now…

  • Trooper’s chuckle.
  • Rascal’s random explanation of things during Religion class.  Upon hearing that God made the angels out of nothing, Rascal responds: “He didn’t make ME out of nothing!  He used mainly peach and bones.”
  • Dinosaur’s actor side.  He has a great memory for lines and just the right voices to go with them.
  • Princess asking to hold Miss Munchkin by holding out her arms and saying, “Take care?  Take care?”
  • The shriek of joy that came out of Sunshine when she realized I had poured her a bubble bath.
  • Everything about Miss Munchkin.
  • My husband, who came to my rescue during the boring recovery time at the hospital with tiramisu and hand-dipped chocolates.
  • Mom, whom we didn’t manage to scare off (entirely) after one week.
  • My in-laws who took over our  laundry while our washer and dryer were removed from the basement so the flooring guys could get to work replacing the floor.  No small task, that.
  • Dad, who had to give up Mom for two weeks.
  • Mystic Monk Coffee.
  • And all the relatives and friends who have sent well wishes and meals during this time of adjusting to a new normal. 🙂


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