Of girls and shoes

I was never much of a shoe person.  If I need a pair, I try to find a durable pair that looks good and will hold up under pressure since I am apparently very hard on footwear.  I also like to have something that will go with about 75% of my wardrobe, probably because I spend so much time making sure the younglings have their footwear in order that I’d rather not be bothered with my own.  But really, I was never so excited about shoe shopping that I would make a special trip to the mall or something just for shoes.

Not so my Princess.  She is the shoe maven of the Haus.  Ever since she was about 15 months old and I found her two pairs of Spring/Summer shoes at a sale at Kohls, she’s been very attentive to footwear and likes a variety–particularly a pair of pink shoes if possible.  She’s worn a pair of white patent Buster Brown mary janes to bits–luckily I found them at a consignment sale and thus have not been terribly disappointed at seeing that they will not likely survive to be passed on to her sisters.  But these shoes–ostensibly Church shoes–click on our tile floors and add, no doubt, a bit of elegance to her day, whether or not it is Sunday.

On the other hand, there’s Sunshine.  She could care less whether she’s wearing shoes at all, most of the time.  Only recently has she decided to accept the fact that she has to wear them out in public.  At home she mainly runs around with nothing at all on her adorably fat flat feet.  She’d like being a hobbit. 😉  The first pair of shoes she paid any attention to were a pair of brown crocs with pink plaid lining that my Aunt gave my girls at Christmastime (and for which I thank her most heartily!), and now she likes seeing shoes on her feet, but again, it is not that important to her.

So when a pair of Robeez Tredz that a friend passed on to my daughters, and that had been successfully through everything three toddlers could throw at them (counting my friend’s daughter), sadly succumbed to the jaws of a Labrador puppy (darn it, Luddite Dog!), I realized that the next best pair of shoes to suit Sunshine (after those crocs) would be another pair of Tredz.  But with the owner being Sunshine–who isn’t adverse to occasionally losing a shoe in a store–and the puppy still outgrowing her chewing phase, I decided to snag a pair of Tredz off eBay.  No way was I going to pay full price under these adverse conditions.  The only issue with shoe buying for Sunshine is to make it functional for her but not quite so attractive that Princess will want the shoes for herself.  I found a modest pair of brown Tredz with pink flowers and hoped for the best.

Sunshine does like her new shoes, but it should not have surprised me that within fifteen minutes of the package being opened, Princess was trying to cram her feet into them.  I pointed out that Princess’ feet were a bit too large for Sunshine’s shoes, but that did not deter the Resident Arbiter Elegantiae.  Pointing at her sister’s chubby bare feet, Princess says:

“Sunshine has feet.  I need shoes.

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